Youth Ministry

The youth arm of Chapel of Faith seeks to become the training ground with a holistic approach to spiritual growth of every young person within the reach of the church so that they are equipped with the resources necessary to live as disciples of Jesus Christ by realizing their full potential and make positive contributions to the kingdom of God. By the free gift of grace, we glorify God by teaching, nurturing and equipping ourselves with the gospel to winsomely spread the message of salvation through meaningful relationships as we are transformed by the Holy Spirit to resemble Jesus Christ more and more each day. The youth fellowship meets at 6:00pm every Wednesday in the church auditorium.

Women's Ministry

The Women Ministry has been playing a key and supporting role within this ministry right from inception, focusing on meeting spiritual, physical, emotional and evangelistic needs of women within and outside the church. Through this ministry, lives have been changed, families transformed, and marriages saved and restored from the verge of disintegration.

Men's Ministry

Overview of Men Ministries. The main duty of this ministry is to educate, consolidate and unify/connect men with God for the purpose of winning, training men of God and growing the Church and individual family through the word of God.