The Word of Faith Covenant Ministries is also known as Chapel of Faith - Tampa. We are delighted, and we appreciate you for taking your time to find out more about this Church, we believe that you will be blessed beyond your wildest imagination as you browse the resources available for you on our website.

Chapel of Faith is a Bible-based assembly where the Word of God is preached undiluted and with fervency, with a view to leading people to discover a new life in Christ. We also preach messages that will empower people to live their God-given destiny and equip them to face life challenges as overcomers.

Our commission is to preach the Word of Faith as we uphold Biblical standards as they relate to life issues and consequently strengthen your faith and others in the Lord. It is our prayer that God will meet you at the very point of your need, and bless you abundantly so that you will not just be a blessing, but be a blessing unto others in your chosen fields and life endeavors.

We encourage you to take your time as you browse this site to enjoy the articles and resources. We strongly believe that they will help to deepen your walk with GOD, broaden your relationship with the Savior King, and enhance your service in His Kingdom. Please, feel free to contact us either by telephone or e-mail; on how best we can be of help meet your spiritual needs. Once again, you are welcome on board as you join us in our bid to reclaim the world for God. Get connected to God, discover your purpose, and enjoy the fellowship. You are welcome to join us at the following times for any of our services listed above

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